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A fearless boat racing company known for conquering the seas with unparalleled skill, power, and exhilaration.
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Racing Legends on Liquid Tracks
Racing Legends Emerge as Dominant Forces on Liquid Tracks, Combining Financial Security with the Thrills of Speed, Guided by Expertise and A Passion for Excellence.
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About Us

When Scott Jobin restored his first car, a 1969 Mustang Fastback, which he still owns today, at the age of 14, he fell in love with the sound of powerful motors and speed.

He increased his thirst for speed after graduation by buying a 38-foot Top Gun Cigarette Racing Boat, and for the following ten years or so, he travelled to offshore competitions and pushed the limits of speed on the water.

He takes great delight in his collection of fast toys and enjoys organising exciting outings for his loved ones.

In addition to drag racing their Demon, he also like to race RZRs, fly aeroplanes (yep, he is also a pilot), jump waves in go-fast boats, and yacht. The experiences continue after more than 30 years of building and restoring automobiles, boats, planes and off-road vehicles.

Rick Raab is a fierce competitor and a wonderful friend to everyone he knows. He is well recognised for his extraordinary adventure as American Guardian in the Monster Jam Series. He began competing in professional races in 2003 for the United States Hot Rod Association and Clear Channel Motor Sports, and for his continuous victories in freestyle competition and racing in the Monster Jam Series, he was voted Rookie of the Year. For Edge Motor Sports, he also won the title of Canadian World Champion two years in a row.

His unrivalled ability to construct the largest, strongest, swiftest, and most dynamic trucks and off-road vehicles is a true benefit to our Safe Cash Racing Family and is demonstrated by his ownership of RAAB Custom Off Road Fabricating. Rick and Scott have an unbeatable connection and partnership because they both feel the need to constantly provide the BEST TOYS to every event, whether it be off-road or offshore. Although he has a sizable toy collection, his enthusiasm for the voyage is contagious and motivating.

Safe Cash Racing is a lifestyle that keeps you aiming for the stars through new adventures, extreme activities, and unbreakable friendships, not just a competitive racing team. You must start with the “BEST FRIENDS AND OF COURSE, BEST TOYS!” in order to “Live your Best Life.”

Safe Cash Racing is now sponsored by XINSURANCE, read more at our press release here.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite a passion for speed, adventure, and unforgettable experiences. Through cutting-edge vehicles and unwavering dedication, we create moments that inspire and drive people to live life to the fullest.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the global leader in high-performance leisure and racing experiences, uniting thrill-seekers worldwide. We aspire to redefine adventure, setting new standards in power, speed, and exhilaration.


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